5 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Training Geeks

T’is the time! Presents must be bought for us dog training geeks everywhere. Here I’ve done the hard work for you – 5 Christmas Gift Ideas you really can’t go wrong with. Or, If you’re reading this article as a dog training geek then perhaps a subtle share is in order


1) Denise Fenzi – Train the Dog in Front of You

Denise Fenzi Blogger and Founder of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy has just released a new book. ‘Train the Dog in Front of You’ was something that Denise spoke about time and time again on her blog and now she’s expanded on that and has wrote this highly-anticipated book. 

This would be perfect for anyone that competes (or wants to) in dog sports or just wants to form a better relationship, and work with their own dog as an individual. This book is another step away from old-fashioned ‘recipe’ training and a step in the right direction of adapting our training to each dog. 



2) Chase ‘n Chomp Sticky Bone 

These bones are such a great idea I can’t believe no one has done it before! You can fill these bones with treats, frozen yoghurt, peanut butter whatever you can think of. Simply stick it to the wall and it acts as the perfect distraction for you to groom your dog, examine it’s body or do any kind of handling. 

Here’s a video of it in action: 

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3) Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Treat Bag

If you haven’t got one of these you need one! I’ve been to a lot of workshops and this treat bag definitely seems to be the majority favourite among serious trainers. It’s large, easy to access quickly and holds a lot of treats. 

It has a pocket in the front which I use for my training whistle and a secret pocket in the back which I use for poo bags. I’ve also seen people attach their clicker to it. This is a really good upgrade from the cheaper, poor quality treat bags. 

4) Tug E Nuff Rabbit Skin Toys

These toys are awesome. I really love all of Tug E Nuff’s range they’re so well made and are just perfect for playing tug with dogs of all sizes. When I teach scentwork to pet dogs we will often use these as the item they find. They’re hugely popular among agility competitors too. 


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5) Puppy Culture DVD 

Rightly or wrongly Christmas is often the time of year that people get puppies. This DVD might seem expensive to a pet owner, but it’s really not. The knowledge that is passed on in this DVD could make a huge difference in raising a puppy. Puppy Culture has a very good reputation among professionals and I can’t think of a better starting place for a new puppy owner or even better – in preparation for getting a puppy. 


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