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Nick Benger

Nick’s Bio: 

Nick Benger is a professional dog trainer in Bristol, England. Nick has a degree in Canine Behaviour and Training from the University of Hull and is host of the popular Dog Talk Podcast which you can find on this website. As a result of podcasting Nick is in constant correspondence with leading figures in the industry. A regular attendee of seminars all over the country Nick is well versed in the most modern and progressive methods of training and has been mentored by some of the most respected people in the dog training world and as such is regularly referred to by other professionals.



My Story…

Just like everyone I have a story, the story of my dog training journey which continues to this day. When I was a child I begged my parents for a dog but wasn’t allowed one. I was fifteen years old when I finally got my first dog. A yellow Labrador from an advertisement in the local paper. In hindsight he was probably bred by puppy farmers but I was uneducated and eager to get a dog.

It didn’t take long for problems to develop and I had plenty of them… toilet training, lead walking, recall, shyness with other dogs (which developed into aggression as he aged) but of course I loved the little dude and I loved dogs. I wanted to learn more and figure out how to solve my problems.

My granddad recommended that I watch a certain television programme which showed incredible results with dogs that had behaviour problems – I was hooked. I bought the books, attended seminars and watched just about every episode on TV, I became the ‘pack leader’… Or did I?

That was supposed to be the answer to every problem I faced with my dog. I didn’t know it at the time but I was bullying my dog into obedience – or at least trying to. It didn’t work particularly well but I was so wrapped up in the charisma and showmanship of the ‘dog trainer’ in the TV show that I didn’t really even notice.

‘Crossing-Over’ to Positive Training

I would get into arguments online defending the controversial television trainer against naysayers time and time again. People I would argue with would often suggest I do my research and make book suggestions. One day, figuring I had nothing to lose I decided to read one of the books that was often suggested. It was Karen Pryor’s book ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog’, within a few chapters my mind was blown. From there I read more and more and quickly everything I had previously learnt was debunked and gradually made way for the torrent of new information.

I was obsessed with dog training before my personal conversion to a more science-based approach but now I was hooked like never before. I knew that all I wanted to do in life was become a professional dog trainer, the best dog trainer I could be and so my journey continued. I managed to convince other dog trainer’s to mentor me first locally and then some of the best trainers in the world. I did my degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and began operating as a professional dog trainer under the business name Bark Play Teach.

What is this website? 

Well, this year I decided to start my podcast (Dog Talk) for two reasons; to have the opportunity to talk to and learn from some of the best people in the industry and to relay their message to people like you… people like me. This website will serve to share their knowledge and also to share the knowledge that I’ve collected as my dog training journey has progressed.

So what now?

Well if you’re interested in joining me in this dog training quest for knowledge then follow me on social media and subscribe to the blog. Together we will become the best dog trainers we can be.






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