How Pokemon Go Changed The Lives of Dogs Globally

Pokemon Go has had a huge effect on interactions with dogs globally. As the game involves walking around people are taking their dogs with them. Dog-friendly pubs, restaurants and cafes that are poke-stops in the game are embracing it fully with signage like the one below. Best of all rescue centres and animal shelters are using it to their advantage to find volunteers and boost adoption rates.

Pokemon Go Sign

The Naysayers and Pokemon Haters

I have come across people that don’t agree that Pokemon is a good thing for dogs. The argument that is made is “people can’t pay full attention to their dogs if they’re using their phones”. I understand that, I do. In ordinary circumstances I would agree. However the game is getting people out and about and for longer than they usually would. 

Dogs that might of only got a twenty minute walk every day are now out for a few hours catching Pokemon. They’re sitting at Poke Stops and hanging out with their families. Just the boost in time spent with their dogs is such a positive thing; to do away with that out of some grasp for perfect interactions between dogs and their owners is just pedantic. 

Pokemon Go’s Impact on Dog Rescue Centres 

This image recently went viral online. People were claiming that through this scheme the shelter had rehomed all of it’s dogs and taken in received large amounts of money. 

Pokemon Go Muncie Animal Shelter

Unfortunately the internet has a habit of exaggeration as Snopes revealed. However at the end of the article Muncie Animal Shelter did confirm that the scheme had resulted in the adoption of six dogs. That’s amazing! It leads me to wonder how many other shelters enacted similar schemes and how many dogs in total found homes due to Pokemon. Well done Muncie Animal Shelter for embracing Pokemon and being creative. 

Autism, Dogs and Pokemon Go

BBC News recently posted this story about Adam who has autism and has began to embrace the outdoors as a result of the game. Not only is this excellent for Adam but pay attention to who’s tagging along for the ride. 

There’s a few noteworthy things even just in this small clip. Firstly Adam’s mum Jan is holding the dog throughout so Adam can concentrate on his game. This is what I see time and time again when I’m out and about, someone holding the dog and the other person playing the game. This negates some of the earlier criticism about dogs not being watched. 

The second thing was the heart-warming tug game in the background of Jan’s dialogue. Would that game of happened without Pokemon? 

Enjoy the Game, Take Your Dog and Catch ‘Em All! 

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but here’s mine. Enjoy the game, take your dog and catch ’em all! Life’s too short to listen to the naysayers. 

2 thoughts on “How Pokemon Go Changed The Lives of Dogs Globally

  • September 3, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    You’ve made Adams day mentioning him in your article Thankyou 🙂

    • September 3, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      Oh wow! I’m honoured that this article found you and to have made Adam’s day. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you!


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