How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero Book Review And Special Offer!

I’ve got to know Dominic Hodgson a little bit since he published his book ‘How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero‘ earlier this year. He was kind enough to send me a copy to review and smart enough to bribe me with a personalised ‘Barry’ (Dominic’s Dogue De Bordeaux) chocolate bar. 

how to be your dog's superhero

Since reading his book I’ve kept an eye on Dominic’s Facebook page where he’s been extremely busy posting podcasts, pictures and other great content. In fact it’s been a source of inspiration for my own material. 

After reading the book I posted my review on Audible and Amazon but never elaborated elsewhere. Then today Dominic messaged me to let me know about an offer.

The kindle version of ‘How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero’ will be available today (10/11/16) for just £0.99, tomorrow (11/11/16) for £1.99 and then after that it will return to £8.99. 

So there is no better time for me than now to post this review and allow you all to capitalise on the bargain price. 


Who Is The Book Aimed At?

This book is aimed at dog owners. More specifically those that are having trouble with their dog. If your dog loses all interest in you the second you step out the front door this book is for you.

Dominic writes in a very pet owner-friendly style… intertwined with swearing and dad jokes which personally I found hilarious – especially on the audio version. This is a book that will hold the interest of those that wouldn’t normally pick up a dog training book. Which I have great respect for as an attribute. 

It really focuses on building relationship and engagement between owner and dog. I’ll be honest, if you’re a professional trainer this book probably won’t add much if anything new to your arsenal. However if you’re a dog owner it will give you a structured way to refresh the way you interact with your dog for the better. 


My Views on How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero

On occasion throughout the book I do find Dominic’s suggestions a little extreme and/or misguided and I told him that after I read it. To which he responded that he tried to keep the protocols as straightforwards and actionable as possible for the dog owners. Which I understand is a constant struggle, one I go through myself constantly and can empathise with although I still feel he gets the balance wrong in parts.

The main essence of the book though is spot-on and I’m sure it will help a great deal of people. I love Dominic’s writing style, his humour and his take on dogs. Even if I find myself disagreeing with some advice occasionally his attitude towards dogs and love of playing with them is infectious. 

I watched a video posted on Dominic’s Facebook page recently in which one of his clients said that she once caught him running around on a beach playing with his client’s dogs like a mad man… I can imagine that and if the book inspires more people to do the same then what an incredible achievement that is. 

This book is definitely worth a read especially for dog owners struggling to keep their dog’s attention. Dominic will remedy this by teaching you the secret of the BMFI method which I dare not reveal in this blog. 


how to be your dogs superhero dominic hodgson




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